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Miso Caramel Tahini & Tigernut Cheesecake

Miso Caramel Tahini & Tigernut Cheesecake

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Our brand-new Miso Caramel and Tahini Tigernut Cheesecake tastes as delicious as it sounds.

Crafted with a blend of tiger nut flour (actually nut-free!!) and rolled oats, this Cheesecake Bar harmoniously merges the delightful notes of miso caramel and tahini in a creamy masterpiece. The juxtaposition of sweet coconut sugar and a hint of sea salt makes it extra special.

The cheesecake filling is a symphony of coconut cream sweetened with agave, enriched with baobab powder for an extra dose of goodness, and infused with the distinctive taste of miso paste.


Tiger nuts, gluten-free rolled oats, desiccated coconut, coconut sugar, cinnamon powder, sea salt, coconut oil, tahini, vanilla extract, coconut cream, honey, sunflower lecithin, cocoa butter, tapioca starch, baobab powder, miso paste, agar-agar.


12 or 24 squares.


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