Healthy, Wholesome & Decadent Treats To Your Doorstep

Food is our language of love, ThankGoodness is our way of spreading it. Order now and receive your favourite treats within 24hrs.

We use zero refined sugar in our products, opting instead for natural alternatives like raw honey, agave & maple syrup, organic coconut sugar and dates.
Instead of gluten-heavy white flours we use a mixture of low GI nut, seed and Gluten-Free grain & coconut based flours.
Nearly half of our goods are completely vegan. And wherever possible we source our dairy products from free-range, ethical and organic sources.


We believe in reconnecting people with a more natural way of eating that provides health, pleasure and gratitude for our food and our planet.

Production Approach

We want our food to create a sense of joy, gratitude and connection, and for it to be felt along the whole production line, from kitchen to table. We think you can taste that.

Custom Cakes

Cakes are a symbol of celebration, of coming together around a shared source of joy and gratitude. Whether that be a person, a holiday or any other special occasion we adore the ritual and jubilation of cutting and sharing cake. And so we’ve made it easy for you to custom-make your dream cake including options for layers, toppings & custom piping. Click on any of the cakey-creations below to see what we mean.

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