About Us

Our Story:

We are three Scottish siblings - raised on wheatgrass, meditation and natures bounty - now creating, crafting and purveying wholesomely delicious foods and beverages; naturally beautiful, naturally delectable and naturally healthy.

We’ve made it our mission to ensure people don’t need to choose between healthy or delicious food, and pride ourselves on our creative presentation, high-quality wholefood ingredients, innovative pairings and effortless style.

We believe that by reconnecting people with gratitude for good food we will heal ourselves and our planet. Love is our secret ingredient.


What Makes Us Different:

Refined-Sugar Free:

All of our delectable creations are refined sugar free, naturally sweetened with organic coconut blossom sugar, dates, honey, fruits and occasionally brown rice or maple syrup.

Forgoing the Flour (Gluten-Free):

In lieu of refined white flours, which are extremely glutinous and high GI, we create our own gluten-free blends using ground nuts, coconut, buckwheat, millet and chickpea flour. These wondrous ingredients are a magnificent healthy alternative to other highly-processed options.

Free-Range Eggs & Dairy:

We do our best to source our eggs and dairy from ethical and organic sources wherever possible.


Production Approach:

Our products are consciously crafted with intention & imbued with love. We source only the best raw ingredients possible, understanding that this is a continuous journey.

We strive to tread as lightly as possible on this beautiful planet by choosing the most sustainable solutions at every turn and we do our utmost to treat all - our team, our customers and ourselves - with integrity, kindness and compassion. We think you can taste that.

We want our food to create a sense of joy, gratitude and connection, and for it to be felt along the whole production line, from kitchen to table.