Mini Women's Day Pack

R 370.00
Tax included.


This delicious variety of chocolates and other treats is the perfect way to celebrate the mothers, daughters, sisters and friends in your life this women's day. All of the delicacies included are also made with intention and contain zero refined sugar, gluten, or animal products.

Included In This Pack Are:

✨ 3x Bounty Bars: Thick dark chocolate encasing desiccated coconut.
✨ 1x Snickers Bar: Layers of crunchy peanut and date caramel coated in dark chocolate.
✨ 1x Twixx Bar:  Layers of biscuit and caramel coated in dark chocolate.
✨ 3x Ferrero Rochers: Chocolate and roasted hazelnut balls - better than the real thing.
✨ 1x Vegan white chocolate fig and walnut square: Topped with Goji berries and roasted Pistachios.
✨ 1x Millionaire Shortbread: Layers of oaty biscuit & date caramel are coated in a thick layer of dark chocolate.
✨ 4x Cayenne and Ginger Truffles: Chewy spicey bites enrobed in deliciously dark chocolate.


Shop the magnificent Women's Day pack HERE which includes a limited edition print from one of our favourite artists and friends Kristi Marie.